Ruzafa neighborhood the Valencian SoHo

No one can miss that Ruzafa is the trendy neighborhood in Valencia.Ruzafa neighborhood the Valencian SoHo. And we could say that he has been reborn from his ashes, because despite being in the center of Valencia. The neighborhood went through a period of decline that almost ended him: the emigrants gave him vidilla, and after them came the artists, the architects , the designers. Restaurants, art galleries, gastrobars, wine bars, clothing stores were joined to Arab call centers and shops. Nowadays, after a process of deep renovation. Ruzafa is the fashionable area in the capital of Turia, a Valencian SoHo that brings together dozens of races, religions, languages. A neighborhood that lives quietly, like the town that once was before being swallowed by the big city.

If there is a heart in Ruzafa, that is its market. The renewed Mercado de Ruzafa, is the epicenter of commerce in the area, which is supplied by locals in the area, who communicate it with pride in their menus and menus. And the best is still missing: the neighborhood has been waiting for years for what will be the jewel in the crown: the Central Park. This Valencian Central Park project will open the neighborhood to a large green space that will help boost the neighborhood environment. For something, Ruzafa (Russafa) means garden in Arabic.

Ruzafa neighborhood the Valencian SoHo

So let’s go for a walk. For the out-of-town Valencians and travelers approaching the city, the Ruzafa neighborhood is very close to the North Station (and the AVE station, Joaquín Sorolla) between Gran Vía Germanías, Avenida Reino de Valencia, the Philippines Street and Peris and Valero Avenue. Its main streets are Sueca, Cuba, Cádiz, Dénia, Literato Azorín … quite famous because there are some of the most important faults in the city, such as Sueca-Literato Azorín and Cuba-Literato Azorín.


Where to eat in Ruzafa?

Suffice it to say that some of Valencia’s trendy restaurants are in this neighborhood, so this question has an easy answer. In a few streets we have a wide variety of premises. As Hamburger Mediterranean (Swedish, 45), The Black Turtle (Swedish, 51) or Burger Beer (Swedish, 30), three places separated by a few meters, two places separated by a few meters, which will delight the most carnivorous , so in both one and the other we can find the best hamburgers in Valencia.

The hyperactive Ricard Camarena has settled in Ruzafa with his famous Canalla Bistró (Master José Serrano, 5): a casual gastrobar with a balanced menu in terms of price and product and the quality seal that has everything Gandía does.

In Ruzafa are some of the most interesting gastronomic proposals of Valencia

French cuisine lovers are in luck if they go through Ruzafa, because in La Galette (Doctor Serrano, 17), where they make Breton specialties. There we can taste their buckwheat Galettes (a kind of crêpes), Belon oysters, fresh apple foie, duck and foie magret or French cheese boards. Near there (in Ruzafa everything is close) we can enjoy vegetarian cuisine twice: Copenhagen (Literato Azorín, 8) and Malmö (Swedish, 46) two twin places, less than 100 meters from each other, with a blatantly Nordic decoration. Both options are perfect for trying Mediterranean cuisine with Japanese and Thai touches.

Another of the classics of the area is Maipi (Maestro José Serrano, 1), where we can eat anything that can be done grilled: chops, red shrimp, beef tenderloin, vegetables … Something will have the place when it is full up to the top In fact they close Saturday and Sunday. To rest. One of the most unconditional places in Ruzafa is Entrevins (Reina Doña María, 3). The most well-off will have already sensed that wine is an essential part of this restaurant, not for nothing their sommelier, Custodio López Zamarra, was a national sommelier champion in 2010. In addition to good wines, Entrevins cultivate pairing and are fond of making menus Closed with excellent value for money. Its cuisine is market with a touch of creativity.

yIf we talk about bocadillos:

If we want something more casual we can go to El Rus (Sueca, 35), mythical sandwich shop in the Ruzafa neighborhood, where we will taste some of its original (and delicious) sandwiches and salads. We advise to leave room for dessert, because their chocolate cake is anthological. They have a terrace where we can have dinner watching the life of the neighborhood go by. La Tasqueta del Mercat (Maestro Aguilar, 2) has been one of the last to reach the neighborhood, and one of the most talking about. Their owners met working together with Ricard Camarena, and in this project they have opted for a short, casual and very fresh product (across the street is the Ruzafa Market): Guitxán salad (its interpretation of the Russian salad), tataki de Tuna with sesame, oxtail ravioli, ham croquettes, mushrooms and truffles … and excellent value for money.

Japanese lovers:

Lovers of Japanese cuisine have in Nozomi Sushi Bar (Pedro III el Grande, 11) the probably best Japanese restaurant in the city. Its owners (who have already run the mythical Sushi Home, in the Carmen neighborhood) have created a beautiful place (a large cement container lined with wood, with a roof where origami is the real protagonist), worthy of being in the very same Tokyo If we want to take sushi around Ruzafa in a more informal plan, there are two excellent options: The Sushi Room (Cuba, 48), a cozy, minimalist local that has a small bar and the kitchen in sight, and Tora (Pedro III el Grande, 11), a Japanese tavern where we can taste authentic yakisoba, genuine gyozas and kaarage at its point. All accompanied by Japanese beer and sake, of course.

Ruzafa neighborhood Valencian SoHo

And from Japan to Mexico. La Llorona (Pintor Salvador Abril, 29) is a taqueria that would not clash in Mexico City, a city that saw the birth of José Gloria, its owner, before he decided to settle in Valencia, where he worked alongside Ricard Camarena himself. Essential your guacamole with homemade tortilla chips and tongue tacos and cochinita pibil. Abstaining tex-mex lovers, La Llorona is a Mexican restaurant of the real ones. To those already mentioned we can add El Bouet (Puerto Rico, 36), El Fino (Painter Salvador Abril, 13), Sabors (Cádiz, 61), La Pizarra (Vivons, 6), Pairing (Sevilla, 27), Bottle House ( Painter Salvador Abril, 28), El Mercat Winery (Cura Femenía, 2), Ca Mandó (Pedro III El Grande, 12), Ghaada (Doctor Serrano, 17), El Huerto (Pedro III El Grande, 11) … will be for bars and restaurants in Ruzafa. In addition, lately new stores open every week.

And from Japan to Mexico. La Llorona (Pintor Salvador Abril, 29) is a taqueria that would not clash in Mexico City, a city that saw the birth of José Gloria, its owner, before he decided to settle in Valencia, where he worked alongside Ricard Camarena himself. Essential your guacamole with homemade tortilla chips and tongue tacos and cochinita pibil. Abstaining tex-mex lovers, La Llorona is a Mexican restaurant of the real ones. To those already mentioned we can add El Bouet (Puerto Rico, 36), El Fino (Painter Salvador Abril, 13), Sabors (Cádiz, 61), La Pizarra (Vivons, 6), Pairing (Sevilla, 27), Bottle House ( Painter Salvador Abril, 28), El Mercat Winery (Cura Femenía, 2), Ca Mandó (Pedro III El Grande, 12), Ghaada (Doctor Serrano, 17), El Huerto (Pedro III El Grande, 11) … will be for bars and restaurants in Ruzafa. In addition, lately new stores open every week.


In the Ruzafa neighborhood they are so accustomed to diversity, that the borders are blurred. Even in stores and businesses in the area. No one is surprised to find a café-bookshop where concerts and painting workshops for children are also held. Ubik Café We are talking about Ubik Café (Literato Azorín, 13), a multidisciplinary space where, above all, you are at ease. A secret: right next to the Ubik Café (in the same direction, in fact) is the headquarters of the UCE (Communist Unification of Spain). Do not panic: after an endless corridor that leads to a bar, we find a huge patio, so it is not surprising that the site is known as El Patio de Ruzafa. There takes place, every Sunday, a market of organic products and, every two, another one of clothes and handmade accessories.

Ruzafa neighborhood Valencian SoHo

Ruzafa neighborhood the Valencian SoHo

Nearby (we repeat: everything is nearby in Ruzafa) is Slaughterhouse (Denia, 22), a bookshop located in an old slaughterhouse (hence its name),. Where apart from buying the latest news we can do a wine tasting, contemplate a art exhibition or just have a coffee. And if we keep talking about bookstores, we can’t forget Cosecha Roja (Sevilla, 20)

So we can say this ia a bar-bookshop specializing in black novels, which takes its name from Dashiell Hammet’s masterpiece. Sometimes the name of a place is already a declaration of intent: Bartleby (Cádiz, 50). Who borrows the name of the famous character of Melville, is a bookshop with pleasure by independent publishers. They have a space dedicated to comics and their selection of children’s literature shows that there is life beyond Geronimo Stilton. In addition, while leafing through books we can have a glass of wine. Faced with such a number of bookstores struggling to get ahead with brave proposals and offering added value. Who would want to go to a large area to buy books?


Perhaps the main cultural engine of the neighborhood is the Sala Russafa. (Denia, 55), which was born with the aim of promoting cultural consumption through theater, dance and plastic arts, for all ages. That is why there we can attend functions of children’s theater, congresses of black novels or projections of classic films. Everything fits in a neighborhood like this. Ruzafa is also famous for its art galleries. Espai Tactel (Denia, 25) is one of the most popular cultural spaces in the neighborhood. They are experts in contemporary art, Espai Tactely do not disgust anything: photography, graphic design, illustration … but always looking for the latest in terms of trends and artistic disciplines.

Another of Ruzafa’s best-known art galleries is Colorelefante (Seville, 26), which in addition to having a cool name, offers exhibitions with really interesting works and occasionally concerts. It even has a gastronomic club, one of whose members, once a month, cooks some specialty from their region or country. With ingredients bought at the Ruzafa Market, more would be missing. Trentatres Gallery (Sueca, 33) is marked by the number 3, as is deduced from its name, its location and its project divided into three areas: art gallery, design studio and gastronomic space, Café 33, with a terrace that creates addiction in the most crowded chamfer of the neighborhood.

Ruzafa neighborhood the Valencian SoHo

Who gives more? In addition, on Sundays they celebrate their Sundays Market, where we can get the most diverse objects. It is also worth going to the Sporting Club Russafa (Sevilla, 5). No, it is not the neighborhood soccer team, but a multidisciplinary space where, in addition to exhibitions of all kinds of art, plays, concerts, or dance are held.


How could it be otherwise, in Ruzafa the art of desktop is grown around a coffee or a good gintonic. In addition to the coffee bookstores that we have seen before, in the neighborhood there are many charming places to sit down and regain strength. One of the mythical sites in the neighborhood is Café Pessoa (Literato Azorín, 2), which has a good terrace to see the coming and going of the neighborhood. Next door is Tula Café (Cádiz, 62), a place where we can enjoy good music and better combined. Café Dublin (Swedish, 51) do not expect an Irish pub, but a modern place to have a drink after our dinner. Opposite is Sandanski (Swedish, 42), with its 35 types of gin.

At Café Cyrano (Painter Salvador Abril, 10) it takes to spend the afternoon around board games while having a coffee with milk. At night the thing changes and the infusions are replaced by copazos. Without a doubt, one of Ruzafa’s most charming places is Dulce de Leche (Pintor Gisbert, 2), one of those coffee shops that you could find in any cool neighborhood in the world. Their cakes are of death and serve one of the best brunch in the city. In addition, it is part of our list of coolest places in Valencia.

same more options

In the same line is El Desván del Café (Puerto Rico, 4), where we can have coffee with a piece of cake in an environment that invites peace. Unhate Café, in Ruzafa Good background music with a bohemian-chic decoration, including a bicycle hanging on the wall. In Unhate Cafe (Dénia, 49), which is one of the last to reach the neighborhood. In addition to making some cakes that are dead (do not miss the fudge or Victoria cake), they have a very cool interior patio, full of plants and umbrellas. Yes umbrella And we leave the best for last: Bluebell Coffee co. (Buenos Aires, 3) serves what is probably the best coffee in Valencia.

They occupy the place where the Ain Al Russafi tea shop was and are the perfect example of what has come to be called third generation (third wave of coffee). In Valencia, that is, an artisan movement that treats coffee with authentic devotion. So that only the highest quality product is worked on and the process (weight, grinding, pressing, extraction) is taken care of until the last detail. Come on, just what they do at Bluebell Coffe co. The place is chaired by the legendary La Marzocco, a mythical machine for lovers of authentic espresso, although it is not the only one, because there is the no less historic Chemex.

Ruzafa neighborhood Valencian SoHo

In addition, if we go on the weekend we can enjoy a brunch, with its eggs Benedict and its mimosa of orange and champagne. In short: a charming and cosmopolitan place, and one of the few places in the city where we can dare to ask for a coffee without sugar. To enjoy live music and jam sessions, we can go to Café Mercedes (Swedish, 27) or Chaston (Swedish, 63).

The most holy trinity of live music in Ruzafa is completed by the Café Teatro Tocado (Cádiz, 44), which seems to have come from the Paris. Night owls can extend the night in Le Club (Cuba, 8), a concert hall and electronic disco, and in Excuse Me? (Tomassos, 12), next to the Ruzafa Market, with two environments, one of them with indie rock from yesterday and today.


In a cosmopolitan and modern neighborhood like Ruzafa, lifelong businesses coexist with decidedly transgressive locals. For this reason, the ideal is to walk through its streets, to enter zaguanes turned into hairdressers, in patios flooded by dresses of the coolest designers, in stables where to buy original gifts …

One of the places that will undoubtedly catch our attention is Caroline Curiosity Shop (Cádiz, 25), with pop art pieces and clothes that children would not wear well.

In Gotham (Ruzafa, 56) we will find the new and lifelong comics, while in Gnomo (Cuba, 32), a place specializing in original gifts, we can buy that lomographic camera that we saw in a shop window in New York.

The best bread in Valencia is in the Ruzafa neighborhood, specifically it is the oven of San Bartolomé (Duke of Calabria, 14). Where Jesús Machí makes bread with a sourdough that has been with him for decades. And almost opposite, we find the most famous hairdresser in the area, Joan Santamaría Perruquer (Literato Azorín, 17). Where it is usual to attend exhibitions, events, t-shirt exhibitions …


Any visit to the neighborhood will be incomplete if we do not approach the Ruzafa Market, the real heart of the area. It has always been said that the atmosphere of a city can be measured by visiting its markets, and Ruzafa is no exception. Recently renovated , the Ruzafa Market is a magnificent option to buy products from the Ruzada Market land and try some of the delicatessen offered by its stops. In the Ben Triat position we can acquire Mediterranean specialties such as eggplant pate with chili or peppers stuffed with feta cheese. And in Carnes Filo we can buy sirloin from Kobe, for example.

It is best to get lost in the aisles of the market and be flooded by the smells and colors that will assail us at every step. Especially in the outer posts, next to the facade, where we can buy flowers. Since we are in the Ruzafa Market, so that our walk is complete, we can take a walk around its surroundings and contemplate the beautiful Church of San Valero. Known as the Ruzafa Cathedral. One tip: this neighborhood is the perfect destination to surprise your partner with a romantic getaway. So if you want to stay in the heart of the Ruzafa neighborhood, the best option is the Petit Palace Germanías.